Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend Fiesta At Imus Cavite

Its a weekend Fiesta indeed... And when you say Fiesta... well Filipinos I would say are pro to that. The reason is pretty obvious because Fiesta comes all year round in every barangay. The fiesta and the celebration deeply rooted during the Spanish Conquistadores. However before the Spaniards occupied the archipelago, Filipinos regularly have their own feast to placate the gods and these now has evolved to what we call Fiesta.

A wonderful fiesta means good luck for the whole year!

Over the weekend, we had this wonderful fiesta at Greengate Place Malagasang Imus Cavite! For me, this is also the time to be with the family or with the people that is somehow important to you as well. Friends, relatives, "barkada", and even your officemate.

I had a wonderful time over the weekend because I got to have a time to bound with my "kumare", "inaanak", friends, tita Carol, Madel and her kids and of course with their brother Anton.

It was such a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

Fiesta is not a fiesta without good food and good chat! Let me share you the delicious food prepared by Tita Carol!

Of course Adobo will not be taken out in the menu! This is one of the best Adobo I munched.

Of course the Kids are as excited as I am!

I dont know what to pick!

The fried chicken is tasty to the bones... I have to asked Tita Carol to teach me how one of these days!

Pinanyahang Manok is just one of my favorite.

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