Saturday, July 6, 2013

Eat Explore Experience

Not so long time ago there is this little kid who loves being alone. He plays with his imaginary playmate sometimes with his brothers and cousins. He was regarded as weak by most people in his place. Even his relatives sometimes would mock him and told him he cant go that far in life and that he would just simply be a pain in his parents life.

Most of the time, this little boy keeps thinking: "maybe they are right, maybe I am just a little boy growing to be a pain in the heart, a weakling". We will just call this little boy Rey.

Rey did grow up. Went to college, finished a degree in 4 years. During his college life he kept on fighting criticism and jackass descriptive. When this boy was asked by a relative, they would often describe him as a happy go lucky who comes home late at night. Rey simply ignored all of that and continued improving himself by joining multiple school clubs like school newspaper and dramatic club. 

Those experience was Rey's ticket to landing job one after the other.

Sometimes in our life we experience rejection and condemnation not only by our neighbors, our church or even to our own relatives. However this shouldn't be the end of everything. Fight back simply by self improvement. The experience are lessons in life that we would need to go through to become who we are in the future.

Expect obstacles, traffic jam, flat tire, empty pocket or stomach, storms, bullies, missing crayons, poop and pee on your pants, sleepless night because in the end, you'll definitely graduate and start new level of your life.

Rey's success for sure is not all by himself drama. God has given him people either lend him some money for him to eat a piece of bread in the evening before going to bed, friends to comfort him on his troubled times and listens to his rants a very understanding and considerate boss.

As we go along our journey in life, we'll definitely shed tears, break a bone or two or even your skull, experience headache and heartaches, ink on your skin, bruises, marks, and scars which is better than medals, trophies, smileys and stars that fade sooner than you want them.

These expereinces would leave a scar behind, a mark that would keep us humble. So wear your scars with pride. Add muscle to your heart. Share what you've learned. Help those that are struggling with their tasks. Forgive those that did you harm cause in the end, bullies always go to the Principal's office after class.

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