Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beat the Summer Heat Getaway - Circle Island Resort

Of course Summer aint complete without spending sometime at a pool with friends and or relatives. Over the weekend, we have decided to visit Circle Island Resort and try their aminities.

Circle Island Resort is located at Molino 3, Bacoor, Cavite Near SM MOLINO, 4102 Bacoor, Cavite. When we went there it was a weekend plus it is summer so we already expected that there'd be more people wanting to relax and have a moment with their family and friends.

They offer night and day swimming. The entrance fee would cost you Php 150.00 per head and of course you have to rent your own cottage wich would range from Php 300.00 to Php 1000.00.

Photo Credit
My instinct says to choose 5x5 Kubo but we chose Gazebo Cottage since there are only 3 of us. However to our dismay, the Gazebo in the picture is not what we got. I felt like it was a false advertisement on their part.

This is our Gazebo Cottage
I should have relied on my instinct and should have taken the KUBO for our cottage because when I went around the resort to take some pictures I liked the kubo.

I also love their pools as you have options.



Aside from the unexpected Gazebo, I think it would also be best for the Circle Island Resort to have a place where their guest could leave their important belonging when all of them would like to go swimming. I asked the lady in the counter and she said they dont have that option and that someone should stay in the cottage.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kalye Juan MOA Restaurant Review

After a week's work, it is sometimes best to unwind or destress and reward yourself with good and yet affordable food. So last weekend, I decided to reward my self for such a wonderful and fruitful First Quarter of 2013. These time around I wanted to try Kalye Juan Restaurant located at the ground floor, right wing (Hypermarket Area) of the Mall of Asia.

Kalye Juan Menu
For our Main Course:

Paksiw na Lechon Kawali  for only Php 195.00
Lechon Adobong Kangkong - Php 185.00
Hito with Buro - Php 195.00
  • Rice - Php 30.00 each x 3 = Php 90
For our Desserts

Leche Flan is at Php 60.00 per serving. We had 2 and paid Php 120.00
Tibok Tibok or otherwise known as Maja Blanca - Php 60.00
For our Drinks
Guinilo sa Kalye
  • Mango Juice - Php 45.00
  • Pineapple Juice - Php 45.00
  • Guinilo sa Kalye - Php 60.00 - There was an after taste of the drink but I think it is because it wasnt served right after it was made. I had to hold off for it because the movie is about to start and the main course wasnt served yet.
Total for 3 person = Php 995.00

No complimentary appetizer is served! 

Lets talk about thier service. Kalye Juan service crew member the time we visited them never failed to accomodate our request. I haven't heard customer complaining and everyone is just happy waiting for their order. The food takes a little bit longer to be served mayber because they still have to cook and prepare. The cashier is just so helpful when we told him we cant wait for our order and that will just get back after the we finished watching the movie as it is about to begin in 10 minutes.

The Food is awesome. They never failed to serve a good food plus they didn't had penny pinching on their ingredients.

So, if you are looking for a "lutong bahay" or similar to a conventional home cooked Pinoy meals that is truly and authentic Filipino dishes then Kalye Juan is the best place to go plus it is also affordable and budget friendly. I also love the paintings on their walls.

Kalye Juan on the outside:

Kalye Juan entrance.

A view of Kalye Juan Restaurant:

Kalye Juan
The Counter at Kalye Juan

The place we choose to dine...

The paintings on the wall at Kalye Juan...

Enjoy dining at Kalye Juan!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mangan Restaurant SM Mall of Asia Review

Over the weekend, during the blazing summer heat. Me and my sister went to SM Mall of Asia to buy gifts for our cousins who graduated. Then after window shopping and comparing prices we ended up buying some stuff at Tweeners by Bench and also Cinderella.

After, I have decided to treat my sister at Mangan Restaurant. I choose the said restaurant because I am confident that they would provide us an authentic Kapampangan or Ilocano dishes. I am confident that I can get good service, good food and of course great value for my money because both are known for their talent in cooking.

Here's what we ordered:

Pinakbet - Php 140.00 per serving
Bulalo Baka with Mais (corn) - Php 380.00 per serving
Plain Rice - Php 31.00 per serving (Php 62.00 for both of us)
Lagat Ampalaya - Php 120.00 per serving
Bottomless Brewed Iced Tea - Php 75.00 per serving (Php 150.00 for 2 person)
Camote Fritters was served as appetizer

Total - Php 852.00

Here's what I have to say on the foods we ordered:

Bulalo Baka With Mais - is brilliant. It doesn't taste fake. It has the taste of the true bulalo. This beef stew is definitely perfect for those people who wanted a nice and perfect soup. Bulalo or beef stew is definitely my comfort food.

The way they cooked Pinakbet is also awesome. However, it does taste better than it looks. I know pinakbet and I know how to cook it. The way they cooked is like a mashed tomato with a little of vegetable and bagoong. It doesn't look inviting. It doesn't look pinakbet for me but it does taste like one.

The Ampalaya Guisado is also a failure to me. Again it does taste better than it looks. One of the reason why people dine out is for them to have a good and well cooked food. Though it doesn't look tasteful at all it does taste good the moment you started munching it.

I also felt that the appetizer is not appetizing. The role of appetizer is not just a food served while waiting for the main course to be served but it also acts as teaser and entice you to eat. The Camote Fritters that was served has these oily feeling and it did kill my appetite when I ate it.

I love their Bottomless Brewed Iced Tea! It is worth its price! I would have to say that I enjoyed drinking the iced tea I had at least 3 glasses of iced tea! They have the most tasteful bottomless iced tea I would say.

What about their service?

Customer satisfaction is really very important to me. Mangan Restaurant crew is not consistent in providing a good service. The moment we stepped into the restaurant, no one has greeted us. It felt strange because most of the restaurant I visited, it seems that greetings is automatic. They were polite enough when they were taking my order. However, I was observing them as we are waiting until we finally walked out the door and here's what I have observed:
  • Our food gets into our table after 20 minutes the moment they took our order. However, from the other customers, they have to wait longer only to find out that the food they ordered is not available and that they have to choose a different one and wait a considerable amount of time. It is totally unacceptable to inform the customer after 20 minutes that the order is not available.
  • A group of people came in and was told by the waiter that they don't cater for 9 people because the table can only take up to 6 person. (note: there are only 2 table that is occupied. Meaning they can move the tables to accommodate more than 6) For me, it is not an excuse to inform customer that you cannot accommodate them not unless the restaurant is fully booked.
  • The food servers are just all over the place doing nothing and that they have customer waiting for their food.
My Overall Judgement:

Bulalo Baka with Mais and the Bottomless Iced Tea is already good and matches my standard. The rest of the food I ordered does taste good but it fails to please my eyes and my taste. Though I haven't experience the worst of what they have to offer regarding their customer service I wouldn't be going back into that restaurant again.

One more thing, the restaurant is clean, I also love the wall paper it looks comfy and homie.

Just an FYI in general.

Other pictures:

Inside the restaurant when there are only 2 tables occupied.

Outside the restaurant:

I stopped taking picture when there are angry customer already.

Filipino Food - Pinakbet (1 Cup) - Calories: 110  Carbs: 21 Fat: 1   Protein: 6 Sodium: 345 Sugar: 8
Beef Bulalo, 1 bowl -                Calories: 447  Carbs: 0      Fat: 13  Protein: 77   Sodium: 176 Sugar: 0
Ampalaya Guisado  (1 cup)    Calories: 430  Carbs: 0      Fat: 26  Protein: 0     Sodium: 400 Sugar: 0