Monday, September 23, 2013

Merger and Acquisition: The Decision You've Got to Make

Merger and Acquisition for me is very helpful for the company. It helps them expand their business and gain more income out of it.

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For the employees side it could either be beneficial or not depending of course on how you see it. Of course the hassle and bustle of signing and updating your information somehow is very tedious and sometimes its kinda frustrating. Both companies involve though would ensure of course to have this transition really smooth. They however would let you sign a new agreement while you are waiving all legal rights to the other company.

This shouldn't be a problem its like resigning and signing back to a new company, of course there might be things that would hold you back from doing so. An employee like myself would definitely have a lot of questions. Here are a few of the action that I did before I even sign a new contract.
  1. Build you confidence over the new company. I am not saying that I don't trust or I don't have confidence over the acquiring company but what I am saying is I have to assure that I am confident enough that I can live and be at par with the expectation the new company will be asking.
  2. Ask question to build the confidence. My questions should be answered directly. Research about the new company through internet. There would definitely be a lot of information out there that you could read. Make sure that you list down all your question and ask it with the Human Resource of both companies. Make sure you have listed all your questions and concerns. Keep asking your manager and or the HR people about questions that may arise before you even sign the contract. Make sure that you are enlightened and understand all line items stated in the new contract. Don't leave yourself in a clouded places and darkened thoughts. If these happens I am sure you'd end up resigning when you've discovered things are going against the way you've expected.
  3. Evaluate your benefit options. Benefit may change the moment you signed the contract. List down all the benefits that you really like and ask your new company. The questions I asked myself when before I even sign my new contract are: is this benefits really beneficial to me?
  4. Evaluate your career improvement over the new company. Of course everyone wants movement. Before the acquisition happened I already laid down my 5 year career path and listed down ways on how to achieve them including of course my long term career path. However, I know you would agree with me that it is frustrating when all of a sudden you have to change the career plan you had for yourself for the next 5 to 10 years. It is also advisable to ask the companies HR personnel about training offer, companies 5 to 10 year projections and plan in your locations. In that way you could re-evaluate your career plan as well.
  5. Think and Re-Think. After asking question and after researching and confiding my thoughts to all my friends and weigh all their feedback. I think I am ready. It is also advisable to take a day or two off from work for you to gather your thoughts and weigh things out. Its what I did, I filed a vacation leave for me to list down all my questions and the answer derived from the "Talks/ Huddle", observations, benefits, career projection and then I came up with the generalization. This is also a perfect time for you to asses yourself if you are up for the challenges in place.
  6. Expect for the worse. Another thing to consider is to set yourself an expectation to prepare for the worst, either you are signing the new contract or not. Of course either or you would still go on the new hire process. Except of course on the interview process that you'd need to undergo when you're not signing. When you did sign and to continue your job function to the new company expect that changes will take place in the next 12 months at most. New work flow and processes, new employee handbook, basically everything will be new, so you'd brace yourself to cope with the new challenge of accepting change. So it is good to set yourself a proper expectation that everything will change and that you'd need to cope with these changes pretty quickly. For me aside from what I've said, I also told myself that the moment I will sign these contract I will definitely have to accept that the culture on how I do things on my old company will of course CHANGE. Well as they always say, change is the only constant in these world.
There would be people around you who will convince you to ether sign the contract or not. The reason, why I have to do what I have to do is because I would like to make sure that these is what I really wanted to do. That the decision I will make is because I have weighed my option and chose what I have to chose and its not because I was persuaded by anyone. Statements has been said. Actions has been done. By the end of the day, it is my only decision. For me, this is still my time to re-evaluate everything. Somehow in my point of view, I am signing because I am convince and that I have weighed my options, my questions are answered the way I understand it. Remember, questions are questions and it is important to you.

So I welcome my self to the new chapter of my career..... Though I really really love the old one... this time around I have to condition my self that I already resigned with them and will be starting a new life with the new one. So if you have doubts and you are uncertain and not convince then don't sign.

(Please note that the above situation are simply my personal point of view. We could be different and I am happy to hear from you by commenting below. This is of course for my benefit and for others as well.)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Leslie's Restaurant in Tagaytay

Every time I hear stories of Tagaytay, of course I would hear the majestic view of Taal Volcano and the cool place. Aside from that, another headliner is their awe so awesome BULALO and their Bulaluhan.

Leslie's Menu
Bulalo is a Filipino beef dish. Beef shanks and Beef bone with marrows are cooked in approximately 3 to 6 hours. It is believed that the more the beef shanks and bones are boiled the tastier it becomes.

So on my sisters birthday, we went to Tagaytay to enjoy good bulalo food. We don't know the best restaurants yet that offers bulalo so we asked around and the lady mentioned many restaurants but the one that catches our attentions is the Leslie's.

Good Points of the Restaurant:
  • One good thing about the restaurant is situated over looking the majestic Taal Lake.
  • I also like the singers going from one table to the other....
  • The crew are also helpful in some ways. They politely ask for our orders and attends to our request promptly.

What I don't like?
  • Their Bulalo is a little bit salty with me. So I didn't enjoy the soup.
  • There's no bone marrow. I have these expectation that when I eat bulalo it goes along with a marrow. Unfortunately we didnt had it when we ordered.
  • Its too crowded. Well its a big restaurant so it really look crowded and a little bit noisy because of everyone is enjoying talking and eating.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Here are the nominees for Pepsters' Choice awards...

I voted for Jed Salang on this category. No one would ever forget Ai-Ai De Las Alas drama in one of the TV Talk Show of ABS CBN revealing her failed marriage to Jed.
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I voted for Ai-Ai and Charice3 because their's is a real drama unlike the Barretto family sometimes I felt like its all scripted because after every drama a new Barretto comes out either to dispute or a totally new breed entering showbiz. I did not vote for Marian just because she cant be a newsmaker oh sorry she did when she locked in Bella Padilla and bullied her.

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I voted for Dennis Trillo. I believe he deserves the award more than anyone else after his stunning performance in My Husbands Lover.
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I love Judy Ann Santos but this time around I am voting for Carla Abellana with her stellar and outstanding performance as Lally in My Husbands Lover I think she deserves this Award.

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I would say my vote goes to Richard Poon. His singing is so captivating

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Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez is so deserving on this award because of their magnificient performance in My Husbands Lover. Top trending topic since Day 1 the show got aired. Their chemistry in the show as well is so perfect. My Vote goes to Dennis and Tom

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I dont know why that Aquino baby is there. I am not voting for this award. I dont know the meaning of the said award so i am not voting.
I voted for Judy Ann Santos.
I voted for Zaijian at least he has a show. Why is Bimby there? He doesnt have a show at all. He only have TV guesting with her mom.
I am voting for Ryza Mae Dizon. Very witty little girl.
This award for me will go to Daniel Padilla.
I am voting for either Kathryn Bernardo or Bea Binene. Definitely not the Barretto and San Jose next year maybe.
Tom Rodriguez nailed every episode in My Husbands Lover making him a real Breakout Star.

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This is where VIC Sotto should be. He is already old and this is where he should be and not a Male TV Star

Of course no would beat the success of My Husbands Lover as the only show who make it to top trend in twitter from day one until the present. I am casting my vote for the show because it tacles social issue in good taste educational and fair.

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Ok so there they are.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Husband's Lover - The Concert

After the phenomenal success of My Husband's Lover TV Series which started last June 11 2013 has swept and taken the center stage of the Philippines primetime television. It was the first show ever that tackled homosexuality in good taste. Now they are taking over the Philippines biggest concert arena to launch as a way of thanking their avid viewers and supporters.

To help you decide what kind of ticket you would buy for the concert.

Be there... a meet and greet with all the MHL Followers and fans. One More Try: My Husband's Lover Thanksgiving Concert on October 12, 2013 at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum.

Are you joining the pack? Lets go!!!

UPDATE: September 13 2013

I was practicing making a magazine cover and I realized what if I will make my own magazine that talks about My Husbands Lover. So here's it is....

Please note that this is just a practice cover magazine cover and it doesnt mean to implicate anything else.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Face of Philippine Pork Barrel Scam

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Many had marched, chanted, protested against the Pork Barrel Scam. In fact I myself is so much against these Pork Barrel idea... and the ultimate face of the Pork Barrel Scam is none other than Janet Lim Napoles. She has been the subject of hard and practical jokes on the social network.

I am a tax payer too and I too is very upset and saddened on the idea that the tax the government siphoned on my hard earned salary was issued to ghost and questionable government projects. That tax I paid should have been used for my sisters education, food in my table, milk and coffee before going to bed and going to work, my monthly medicine or even a savings for future needs. I still pay my taxes not because I want to but because I have to; thinking that it will go to projects for the betterment of my country.

However, to point the whole pork barrel scam to only one person is not a good sign. Now that Janet Napoles has come out and surrendered herself to authority, she should point those corrupt government officials to join her in her own cell.

The politicians behind these Pork Barrel business may be are laughing and enjoying because the public is only focusing to their puppet. They may be are thinking go ahead persecute Janet Napoles anyway they can always get another one no matter what.

The whole pork barrel scam should not focus to Napoles as I said we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. The government should start cleaning the base of the iceberg... (Good Luck!)

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Isn't it that before and after issuing the money for the said project. it should have been verified first? Why is this part of the process neglected? So it means, without the "whistle-blowers" the government has no way of accounting these projects? I wanted to share a joke I overheard in the jeepney last weekend: "Naku kaya lang naman kumanta ang whistle-blower dahil kulang and kanyang kinubra." For me, I am thankful because we have those Whistle Blowers but they (referring to people talking inside the jeepney) could be true too, so they need to be investigated as well. Because if they became accessory to the crime then they should be part of the case to be filed by Department of Justice.

I hope that the President would listen to the cry of his people and totally abolish the idea of PORK BARREL. Remove the idea of giving a budget to his office, Senators and Congressman. The budget should go directly to the offices who are implementing projects and the executive branch of the government would only focus on their specific function. I hope that the President should go againts these Senators and Congressmans behind the PORK Barrel Scam. It is not acceptable that they dont know if the agencies are bogus, scam or not. It is for me a form of stupidity giving away millions of pesos without proper verification. Not unless of course IF they are part of the said business deals.

Not about Pork Barrel But Still Our Tax that is being used:

Last August 17 news broke about DILG budget allocation. Why spending too much on these housing for informal settlers? I am sorry but I think the "Baby Sitting" idea is simply too much and I also don't know what is that potable water for... is it for the general consumption of every tax payer?

Aired and reported by GMA NEWS TV and GMA NEWS ONLINE
Learning from all these....

For me there is only one learning I am seeing on all these happenings. This is for the government to have a fair disclosure policy of some sort where they will announce all their earnings and expenses every quarter and one on its year end. These is in a form of either a webcast, TV coverage for their reporting. Because the public has the every right to know where there taxes are going. Barangay officials up to the President should provide a report every quarter and progress that is either televised  for the media to ask question on behalf of every Filipinos. An accessible website where everybody could see the report should also be available. For me, these is very much necessary if we are that serious to eradicate contemptuous tax grabbing. The taxpayers pays their taxes no matter what. They pay their taxes even though they need every centavo of their salaries so they have all the right to know where the taxes are going, every centavos of spent for every project.

The If's of the issue....

In a normal human scenario.... If I am a government official and gives a million peso to an organization I would demand a detailed explanation and supporting documents to the said organization as to how the money was spent plus I would of course validate the information given to me. It is understandable for a government official to do so because they need to provide explanation as well to the public how the money/tax has been used.

If we persecute Napoles it is imperative to persecute the government officials as well because Napoles will not have the urge to do such a multi-million scam if the government officials are of course responsible enough with their responsibility to their constituents.

***Note that these is based only on the authors observation and opinion and not intended to degrade someone in specific. This is also based on my own interpretation on the news aired or written.*****

My Weekend Fruit and Vegetable Diet

As we grow older our metabolism seems to depreciate and as a result we grow bigger in size... I am not a fan of dieting and starving yourself to death just to achieve your desired and acceptable weight and size. 

This time around for the whole weekend I have prepared my self a vegetable and fruit diet.

Here are my ingrdients:
  • 10 pcs of grapes
  • 1 head small size lettuce (chopped to bite size)
  • 1 slice of orange 
  • 5 pieces of small tomatoes (chopped in 4's)
  • 2 pcs of strawberry (chopped)
  • 1 small apple (diced)
  • 1 small pack of Honey Mustard for the dressing
Oh goodness it is satisfying and fulfilling to me. It is already my 3rd weekend of eating fruits and vegetable only. Of course during weekdays since I work at night I need to eat rice still.

You can basically just add any fruits and vegetable there.