Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My June Office Outfit

I can consider myself as the worst dresser, and I suppose it has something to do on how I see my life in different perspective. I am simply a t-shirt person and most of the time I dont have that much clothes to play with. However, this month I decided to do a little re-make on the way I wear clothes. I started it with my office attire.

Going to the office would definitely require me to wear clothes that is cool easy to wear and yet professional to look.

So this is my SMART CASUAL ATTIRE... I will be posting for more as we go forward. I hope that one day I can learn the art of FASHION.

Monday, June 9, 2014

My choice of Flores de Mayo Look

Santacruzan or otherwise known as Flores de Mayo was introduced by the Spaniards way back then and now became The Queen of all Festivals in the Philippines. I cannot agree more with this claim because of the fact that it is being celebrated from the subdivisions to the barangay and or municipal level all across the country during the month of May.

This May my sister was selected to join the parade and so we are only told that she will just be one amongst those who will be joining the parade. Well I guess we are all excited to prepare for the said occasion. Though we don't have the luxury of time we still made sure we have given the best we could.

So here's my sister's look for her First Santacruzan:


My sister has chinita eyes so the make artist had a good way of making it wider and more enhance and to have a change of look.

The Before LOOK: as the make artist starts to work in painting my sister to enhance my sisters look for the night.

The Make Up Artist In Action:


 The Final RESULT:

Guess who is her look a like?