Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Thank You Note for my Friends

Yesterday was a celebration of my birth date. The day where I was born. Truly I would say that it has been a successful 30 years of winning. I came out from every battles in life for the past 30 years smiling and laughing. Those wins aren't mine to boast but rather they are something that I can share and look at the lessons learned.

Today I am writing a Note to all My Friends...

Thank you friend...

  • for sharing your life to a person like me.
  • for listening into my daily rants and making me realized that I am a handsome person in and out.
  • for lending me a portion of your salary when I run out of penny just so I could eat 3 times a day and go to work everyday.
  • for keeping my secrets...
  • for letting me realized that I am wrong every time I made idiotic actions.
  • for being in my side, if you know I am in the correct side.
  • for being crazy like me arguing over matters that isn't our problem after all.
  • for knowing when I am not really feeling well.
  • for being there at my side every time I am in the hospital or sick.
  • for staying in my side in my times of defeat and making me smile every time I am lonely.
  • for making me sane every day.
  • for laughing with me at times of my stupidity...

Friends are  essential because they are our inspiration on small little things. A friend is someone who will always be with you no matter what happens. A friend defends you from those who would like to pin you down. So here's a small challenge for you: write a THANK YOU note to a friend.

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