Friday, May 24, 2013

Volunteerism: Mangyan Medical and Dental Mission Part 1 of 2

Mangyan is an indegenous tribe in Occidental Mindoro. The Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception (MIC) in cooperation with Katutubong WHARF volunteers has started a medical mission last year for the said group. Accordingly, there has always been a shortage in the supply and distribution of medicine for the needs of our tribal patients. In this regard, I am respectfully requesting your good office to provide us the necessary assistance to augment our medical resources particularly medicines that will be fully utilized to support the medical/dental mission. Diseases prevalent in the indigenous people (IP) include water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, amoebiasis, PTB, skin diseases, UTI, malaria, influenza, asthma and malnutrition.

Leigh Maneja of Thomson Reuters together with the other volunteers started soliciting supplements or any kind of vitamins and medicines and medical supplies. They were also solicited nail cutters, slippers, plastic plates and cups, old clothes and food item donations such as noodles, sardines, etc. to be distributed to the indigenous people of Occidental Mindoro.

Today, at the early morning of May 24, 2013 the volunteers packed their personal stuff together with the donations they've collected and sailed to Occidental Mindoro to start the long and fulfilling day helping the Mangyan.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Explore Shopping at Greenhills

Aside from Divisoria located in Manila, Greenhills Shopping Center located at Ortigas Avenue, San Juan Metro Manila. It is considered as one of the best shopping destination for those who are looking for affordable gadgets, apparels, accessories and home decoration.

A perfect shopping place to shop stylish branding, as my friends would say, "enjoy tiangge (bazaar) shopping without a sweat."

So lets start exploring the Greenhills Shopping Center
The shoe section:

The Bags:

...and the bags

Accessories Section....

a wonderful way to explore the best Pearl that best suits your style.

Religious Artifacts

Paintings and other household decorations....

The shoppers....

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Since Mother's Day is few days away I thought of creating a Mother's day post card for everyone that I know of.

Here's my mothers day post card for all the mother's out there.

Of course I also created a post card for my mom.

Of course I also created a mother's day greetings for the children's out there.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Exploring Imus Cavite

Whenever I think of Cavite Province nothing comes to my mind rather than the never ending TRAFFIC, the jampacked buses where passengers are packed like sardines in the bus.

Transportation in Imus Cavite

Travelling from Makati Edsa to Imus sometimes gets really tricky and really difficult. There is a huge chance that you would be standing from point of origin (Makati) to point of destination. If you get luckier you'll get a chance to grab a sit a minute before you reached your destination.

Commuting from Cavite to Metro Manila is a day to day struggle. You've got to learn how to do combat commuting.

**BUS - is the best way to travel from Metro Manila to Imus Cavite. However, never expect a comfortable ride as you might be standing or you might be sitting but jampacked with passengers. The best time to go there though is early morning at around 5 to 6 AM. or during Sundays. Fare from Makati to Imus is approximately around Php 43.00

**JEEPNEY - is another option for a commuter or traveler. You can ride from Baclaran going to Imus. Always make sure to ask the driver if they could drop you off to Imus. Or ride a jeepney at Coastal Mall Pasay City to Imus. Fare varies depending on your destination.

**TAXI - is bad idea if you plan to go to Cavite. Taxi would definitely charge you approximately around Php 500.00 or more depending on your destination.

One thing I do love in Imus though is the center island in front of Imus Municipal Hall.

At the back of the Shrine is the Imus Municpal Hall.

A closer look

I am also fascinated with the beauty of the old churches and "Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Cathedral" is just one of them. I felt in love with the structural design and fascinated with its age and still having the same structure built around 1795.

Here's a brief history of the church carved on its wall.

The church brief history.
The church is also one of Cavitenos favorite wedding destination. In case you would like to inquire their telephone number is 471-2686 FAX SIMILE - 471-8955

The door of the church... When I saw the door I suddenly remember Jose Rizal's novel "Noli Me Tangere".