Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Husband's Lover and my Thoughts About It

Another milestone for GMA for creating the TV Series MY HUSBAND's LOVER starred by Carla Abellana, Dennis Trillo and introducing new Kapuso star Tom Rodriguez. For me, it is but a perfect story of a person who happens to be in the Third Sex Community.

Kudos to GMA as well for showing a different side of love and drama that really happens in the real world. There is another kind of world unexplored but very developed, a world that needs to be understood. A world regarded as the unknown. Let me give GMA a credit as well for being the first to tackle a heavily tackle homosexuality with good taste and sensitivity.

For me, MY HUSBAND'S LOVER was made to educate the viewing public about the struggle of those people that are different from the social norms. It is a story that everyone can learn from. 

Being homosexual is not a cliche nor a disorder that needs to be cured. It is a fact that they exist. It is a fact that people who regards themselves as upright and righteous needs to accept and understand. They are people as well just like anyone else. They go to church, they do community services, they work hard for their family. they are doing what the normal people are doing (Normal because that's what other people think of themselves). Being homosexual is not an epidemic that needs to be cured. Homosexuality is being true to someone else's feelings.

I can't wait for each episode to be aired. I am excited on how the conflict would be resolved. I am happy that MTRCB approves the said TV Series to be aired. I am happy because the TV Series can somehow be a medium to educate the Philippine community that homosexuality is not a sinful disorder rather it is part of the social norms.

Being a true man is not defined by your sexual orientation but rather it is defined by your own action. Being righteous is not define by your sexual orientation but rather it is defined by how Godly your acts are. Therefore self acclaimed righteousness, discriminating, teaching people how to hate other people is not a Godly act rather it is an evil disorder that needs to be cured.

Also, when the Bible says "watch and pray" it doesn't mean "watch and criticize," "watch and gossip" or "watch and judge."

There's only one thought that struct me every time I watch the show. It is the need for Diversity anywhere and everywhere whether that is in the family, at the church, and at work. It is chaotic when you try to ignore someone because of their sexual preference. Imagine a father who cant accept a gay son or daughter. Will he be happy hurting their son or their gay daughter? Or if we cant accept a person in the church because of sexual preference are you being Godly. In fact, you are not even obeying God's Ten Commandments by loving one another.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Negros Occidental Mindoro is Next for Project Mountain Alphabet

I am always a believer of library in the barrio. Most of the time it is those in the center of the municipality has at least a library filled with at least books to read. However, it is those in the far flung areas who needs more books. More often they have either an outdated or simply nothing at all.

The Project Mountain Alphabet first project at Colalo Elementary was a success. The success of the said project is contributed solely by the group of individuals who donated a portion of their resources to help the needy. A sign that bayanihan is still very much alive to every Filipino who helped.

This time around, we would like to reach out to a school in Sta Cruz Occidental Mindoro.

We are accepting books at any kind and we are looking for:
  • Dictionary 
  • Animal Books
  • Children Stories
  • Science Books
  • Encyclopedia
All books preferably with pictures and illustrations.

We are also accepting donation at any kind like the following:
  • School Supplies
  • School Bags
  • Used clothes
  • slippers / footwear
We are also accepting cash donations. All cash donations will be used for the project in buying books, school supplies, medical kits, etc. Most especially to those outside Metro Manila or Philippines who wants to help.
You may contact me through email:

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Fathers Day to every father


A father will carry you when you cant walk anymore. He will work really hard for their families to have a piece of bread in the table or a glass of milk before you go to bed. A father will catch every stone that cast over their children. A father will always be a father no matter what happens.

Happy Father's Day to every father.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Exploring Club Balai Isabel

Once a year, it has been a tradition for most companies in the Philippines to have their company summer outing. This year around I am pleased to have my final Thomson Reuters Summer Outing at Club Balai Isabel, one of the best All Year Round Getaway that is South of Metro Manila.

Club Balai Isabel premieres a picture perfect setting perfect for team building, wedding and or any other special occasion even family bonding and a romantic getaway is on its list. I couldn't agree more as they have a numerous number of pool, garden, and a perfect view of the Majestic Taal Volcano.

I also like their staff, they are super friendly and very much accommodating as well as the food that is cooked and tasted perfect for a picky eater like me.

My favorite pool so far is the pool facing the Tall Volcano a perfect place to relax, swim and play with your special someone, your kids, your office mate, or even your whole barkada and family while over looking the picturesque Taal Volcano.

Another fun part is their very sexy and yet mighty swimming pool that can accommodate everyone.

I haven't had a chance to check in to their hotel since this is a company sponsored activity but I am sure they have one of the best accommodation judging it on the landscape accompanied by their super friendly and very accommodating staff.

Photo Courtesy of Gene Martinez

The place where I would say you wouldn't want to miss.

Click here to know more about Club Balai Isabel.

I am of my high hopes to visit Club Balai Isabel with my friends and relatives some of this days. For the meantime I would like to share more of my photo's that my office friends has taken.

Jumping out my worries and stresses in life.... Feels good after the landing. :)