Wednesday, July 31, 2013

7 Gifts for my 30th - Dinner at my House with Friends

I rarely celebrate my birthday because I look at my birthday as a normal yet another day. It only marks though of the number that it adds to my age. However, this time around I will make sure it is something special. Special but it doesnt mean there's a big feast but rather, I will be doing things that I love to do but I rarely cannot do it because of whatever reason.

And one of the things that I do before but I am rarely doing it is to invite my friends for a dinner in my house and maybe videoke till midnight.

Cake courtesy of Drew...

The watermelon is courtesy of Julie...

My friends who celebrated with me together through a wonderful chit chat and catching up with of course videoke and Vodka and Red Horse Beer.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7 Gifts for my 30th - Shopping

A stress reliever for some. For me, I will take this opportunity to add some on my wardrobe! And one of the most favorite brand is of course F&H. I felt that every time I visit F&H stores and fit a few of their clothes. I felt that it is tailored fit for me.

And of course Bench product is also a part of my list.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend Fiesta At Imus Cavite

Its a weekend Fiesta indeed... And when you say Fiesta... well Filipinos I would say are pro to that. The reason is pretty obvious because Fiesta comes all year round in every barangay. The fiesta and the celebration deeply rooted during the Spanish Conquistadores. However before the Spaniards occupied the archipelago, Filipinos regularly have their own feast to placate the gods and these now has evolved to what we call Fiesta.

A wonderful fiesta means good luck for the whole year!

Over the weekend, we had this wonderful fiesta at Greengate Place Malagasang Imus Cavite! For me, this is also the time to be with the family or with the people that is somehow important to you as well. Friends, relatives, "barkada", and even your officemate.

I had a wonderful time over the weekend because I got to have a time to bound with my "kumare", "inaanak", friends, tita Carol, Madel and her kids and of course with their brother Anton.

It was such a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

Fiesta is not a fiesta without good food and good chat! Let me share you the delicious food prepared by Tita Carol!

Of course Adobo will not be taken out in the menu! This is one of the best Adobo I munched.

Of course the Kids are as excited as I am!

I dont know what to pick!

The fried chicken is tasty to the bones... I have to asked Tita Carol to teach me how one of these days!

Pinanyahang Manok is just one of my favorite.

Monday, July 22, 2013

7 Gifts for my 30th - Mango Cake

Cakes are a few of my favorite foods ever since. I can eat a whole cake of Mango Cake in one sitting. Last weekend, a bunch of my friend visited me in my house. Of course as usual when all of us meet together, the usual teasing and laughter filled my house plus the never ending sing-a-long (videoke) spiced up my birthday celebration.

I am very happy because they showed up in my special day. To add sweetness in the table, Andrew Caampued bought Mango Cake from Red Ribbon (which is one of my favorite cake). Thank you for spicing up my birthday!

I am thankful for having such wonderful friends like you guys. Our friendship is just as sweet as the Mango Cake.

Here's a Thank You Note for all of you! (CLICK HERE)

Here's why I love Mango Cake from Red Ribbon: Moist white chiffon layered with light mango cream filling and icing with real mango bits, topped with luscious mango slices.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

7 Gifts for my 30th - Target Shooting

I don't usually celebrate my birthday! This year is a different story as I turn 30. I made it a point to do and eat something that I have been doing/eating that I love most in the past 30 years and of course do something that I haven't done. This year I decided to do target shooting.

And of course I cannot do it without accompany. I was actually invited by my officemate/bff Ms Julie Cajife-Cruz with her brother and her brothers friend.

At first, I am really hesitant because I don't know if I am afraid of having a gun with me or I may have caused an accident and jeopardize someone else's future. When it was my turn to a gun and shoot, thoughts were rushing in my mind that I have to control it so I could concentrate to Julie's brother as he is discussing how to manipulate the gun.

Of course as expected, I was aiming for the middle extremities of my target but it simply goes to another target... wahahaha Well at least I was able to shoot the "target".

Later I became comfortable but my energy was drained. In all fairness, it is energy draining activity. Maybe for a first timer but I would say it is a wonderful stress reliever activity...

I would never be comfortable holding a gun and reloading the magazine if not with the people who were around me and teaching me the do's and dont's of firing the gun and aiming for your target. It was such a wonderful experience.

I would of course like to thank Julie for introducing me to such wonderful new found hobby: "Target Shooting!" This is definitely for me an experience of a lifetime. Of course, I am so thankful to Gary Neil Curz as well as his colleague's who were there teaching me the importance and safety precautions of the gun!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Thank You Note for my Friends

Yesterday was a celebration of my birth date. The day where I was born. Truly I would say that it has been a successful 30 years of winning. I came out from every battles in life for the past 30 years smiling and laughing. Those wins aren't mine to boast but rather they are something that I can share and look at the lessons learned.

Today I am writing a Note to all My Friends...

Thank you friend...

  • for sharing your life to a person like me.
  • for listening into my daily rants and making me realized that I am a handsome person in and out.
  • for lending me a portion of your salary when I run out of penny just so I could eat 3 times a day and go to work everyday.
  • for keeping my secrets...
  • for letting me realized that I am wrong every time I made idiotic actions.
  • for being in my side, if you know I am in the correct side.
  • for being crazy like me arguing over matters that isn't our problem after all.
  • for knowing when I am not really feeling well.
  • for being there at my side every time I am in the hospital or sick.
  • for staying in my side in my times of defeat and making me smile every time I am lonely.
  • for making me sane every day.
  • for laughing with me at times of my stupidity...

Friends are  essential because they are our inspiration on small little things. A friend is someone who will always be with you no matter what happens. A friend defends you from those who would like to pin you down. So here's a small challenge for you: write a THANK YOU note to a friend.

Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Gifts for my 30th - Buffet at The Strand

Well I never had the chance to experience the "Eat All You Can" in some high end restaurants. Because I thought that it is not worth it and I thought it is really expensive. Everything has changed though Kessa brought me to an eat all you can restaurant somewhere in Ayala.
My perception has changed because for approximately Php 200 to Php 600 per person on a breakfast buffet you've got to taste all the breakfast deals. It is literally an eat till you drop deal kind of thing.

So this time I thought that I deserve a treat for myself for a wonderful and yet really rewarding year. I visited THE STRAND Cafe located at 161 H.V. de la Costa St., Salcedo Village Makati City Philippines. One Pacific Place is managed by Quantum Hotels and Resorts. For inquireis and reservation you may call 632-304-7777 or check their website at

The Interior

Waiting area is definitely comfortable, clean and cozy! I love it.
Taking some pictures while waiting for my friends.
I simply love shades!

This is the counter of THE STRAND CAFE. I love it simply because it is clean and really inviting. Plus of course the employees are giving out the best customer experience so far for me in Restaurant.

The paintings alure me somehow with the abstract ideas.

Few of the food that I ordered and they are simply my favorite.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

7 Gifts for my 30th - First is Blueberry Cheesecake

July 19th marks my 30th birthday so I decided to treat myself with all the things that I love. So lets kick it off with Blueberry Cheesecake.

I dont know why I am so fascinated with Blueberry Cheesecake. I know for a fact that cheese is my favorite ingredients in the macaroni salad my mom and aunts used to prepare during special occasions. This could be one of the reason why I fell in love with Blueberry Cheesecake.

I decided to buy one at The District Mall in Imus Cavite. Just in time as my mom is visiting us (me and my sister) over the weekend.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Eat Explore Experience

Not so long time ago there is this little kid who loves being alone. He plays with his imaginary playmate sometimes with his brothers and cousins. He was regarded as weak by most people in his place. Even his relatives sometimes would mock him and told him he cant go that far in life and that he would just simply be a pain in his parents life.

Most of the time, this little boy keeps thinking: "maybe they are right, maybe I am just a little boy growing to be a pain in the heart, a weakling". We will just call this little boy Rey.

Rey did grow up. Went to college, finished a degree in 4 years. During his college life he kept on fighting criticism and jackass descriptive. When this boy was asked by a relative, they would often describe him as a happy go lucky who comes home late at night. Rey simply ignored all of that and continued improving himself by joining multiple school clubs like school newspaper and dramatic club. 

Those experience was Rey's ticket to landing job one after the other.

Sometimes in our life we experience rejection and condemnation not only by our neighbors, our church or even to our own relatives. However this shouldn't be the end of everything. Fight back simply by self improvement. The experience are lessons in life that we would need to go through to become who we are in the future.

Expect obstacles, traffic jam, flat tire, empty pocket or stomach, storms, bullies, missing crayons, poop and pee on your pants, sleepless night because in the end, you'll definitely graduate and start new level of your life.

Rey's success for sure is not all by himself drama. God has given him people either lend him some money for him to eat a piece of bread in the evening before going to bed, friends to comfort him on his troubled times and listens to his rants a very understanding and considerate boss.

As we go along our journey in life, we'll definitely shed tears, break a bone or two or even your skull, experience headache and heartaches, ink on your skin, bruises, marks, and scars which is better than medals, trophies, smileys and stars that fade sooner than you want them.

These expereinces would leave a scar behind, a mark that would keep us humble. So wear your scars with pride. Add muscle to your heart. Share what you've learned. Help those that are struggling with their tasks. Forgive those that did you harm cause in the end, bullies always go to the Principal's office after class.