Monday, July 22, 2013

7 Gifts for my 30th - Mango Cake

Cakes are a few of my favorite foods ever since. I can eat a whole cake of Mango Cake in one sitting. Last weekend, a bunch of my friend visited me in my house. Of course as usual when all of us meet together, the usual teasing and laughter filled my house plus the never ending sing-a-long (videoke) spiced up my birthday celebration.

I am very happy because they showed up in my special day. To add sweetness in the table, Andrew Caampued bought Mango Cake from Red Ribbon (which is one of my favorite cake). Thank you for spicing up my birthday!

I am thankful for having such wonderful friends like you guys. Our friendship is just as sweet as the Mango Cake.

Here's a Thank You Note for all of you! (CLICK HERE)

Here's why I love Mango Cake from Red Ribbon: Moist white chiffon layered with light mango cream filling and icing with real mango bits, topped with luscious mango slices.

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