Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Your My Best Friend

Reynaldo was walking home from one cold night. It was dark, the wind is blowing softly brushing every strand of my hair. It was a cold eerie night. It was drizzling that time and you can hear the frogs croak adorned with the buzzing sounds of crickets. The dogs are barking to add to the beautiful noise of that one beautiful night.

That moment of your life when your alone walking in a silent cold night. That moment where the memories of the past flashes right into your very front. That moment in your life when you tried to reminisce the past so happy and filled with joy. Those are the moments where you'd suddenly wanted to go back and never wants to leave that memory. The moment where you are happily playing hide and seek or creating a pot made of soil by your very own urine. The time when you laugh really loud where no one seem to care. Those were the moments when you are free that no one seems to care if you have wiped your mucus flowing down your nose and no one seems to care.

In every childhood we always we have a best friend that we consider and even growing up we would always that special person standing and defending you as his best friend. The person who is always behind you supporting you and pushing you to become better of what you do just like Reynaldo. He also has friends where he can call them the best.

Reynaldo was in that deep thought imagining those happy days, when suddenly he hears scream from the people across the street. That is when h saw a strong flash of light passing through him. He felt that he went up in the air, he felt numbness despite the fact that he knew he flew like a bird. All those memories keep rushing before his very eyes his body felt like he was gliding over the clouds. He felt that he weigh less than a cotton flying in the air together with the birds humming my favorite song.

I am dreaming, I am watching my childhood days like an action packed movie. I am seeing a full length of video of my whole life. I am seeing how I cried when I am hurt sobbing secretly. I heard the mockery of people who had challenged me and the cause why I tried my best to be where I am right now. I hear the laughter, I felt the love, I felt everything.

Then, suddenly he heard a very familiar voice calling my name. He opened his eyes and saw his best friend whispering his name asking him to wake up.

"Hey what happened", Reynaldo asked his best friend.

"You had a road accident when you were jogging at night!" he replied. "I am happy you are awake", he continued.

They continued chatting and laughing and even reminiscing the past. They discussed about going somewhere to celebrate life and the friendship they had. Then later that night Reynaldo asked him to sleep beside me just like the old days. Which he did.

When his best friend is fast asleep. Reynaldo felt like he was rushing out of breath. He knew by then that it was the end of everything. He whispered his goodbye's to his best friend and peacefully closed his eyes.

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