Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Mud Fish Story

Let me narrate to you a story of a little boy named Reynaldo.

The river runs quietly, the water flows so sweet. The flashing of the water at the river basin is music to a gentleman's heart. The humming of the birds is like a flute played in the sky adorned with the strumming of the water flowing by the river. Children's are busy playing. Their laughter's are sign's of joy and contentment.

"I still remember those memories of my childhood. Memories filled with joy and laughter. The memories that will never be forgotten. I still remember those days when my eyes twinkles and my heart pounds heavily with excitement that somehow a friend drops by. It means I am free again from the bondage of life cruelties and challenges of a young boy. It means I am able to join the chorus of children filling the air with their giggles and laughter."

"I remember the mud fish that i used to play given by my childhood best friend. I remember him handling it over to me one afternoon placed in a jar of water with a plant. I remember him handling it over to me for keepsake. I also remember that it will be the last after I will ever saw my best friend nor play hide and sick or tumbang preso."

Those are cherished moments of young Reynaldo's life. Growing up to be the weakest amongst its siblings. Growing up to be the weakest in class. Growing up to be the dark horse of life competition. However, this has made him a more stronger Reynaldo as he was criticized and mocked in his growing up years.

Year after year, Reynaldo is winning every battle Life has to offer him. Year after year he learns to be happy despite obstacles.

Life has thought young Reynaldo to be stronger. His heart hardened. His priorities are up for battle. He exudes strong personality. Everyone knows him stone hearted person. Life has thought him not cry or show weakness despite hardship. Life has thought him to hide the feelings he has towards anything else. He never cry in funerals despite all that no one has dared to see him in the inside. He has loved secretly. He had relationships that prosper.

His love has made him even stronger. It was the only thing that has been pushing him through. It was the kind of thing that has secretly made him a better person.

No matter how strong Reynaldo was, the time has come for him to face his biggest challenge... The time that life has been preparing him. It was his final moments, tears rolling down his cheek as he finally draws his last straws of breath. Until his final moments he is still wishing to see his best friend one last time.

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