Saturday, January 18, 2014

Online Store for Dummies

Over the past few months I had been thinking of selling stuffs online and in all fairness it was quite hard. I actually thought of just getting a product to sell and sell it online. Finally, an opportunity arrived and so I started to sell it online and I have to be honest I was amazed and dazzled as it needs a lot of work and effort. It is actually like setting up an actual store.

During the course of doing it online, a friend and colleague Fatima, told me that I should follow online re-sellers as well to learn their habits and tricks on how they do their advertisement and all those stuffs and so I did.

I followed at Instagram I was again dazzled by the number of followers she got. I took her number and add her in WECHAT.

To start your online business you must be geared with the technology that should come along with it. Just like having a physical store.

1. Social Media - Since you are doing your store online then at least you should have a medium where you could be contacted and of course a place where buyers could see your products. I would suggest you should have the following:
  • Facebook Page - This is a perfect avenue for you to post your photos with description. It is also a place where you could give description of your product with unlimited characters. Also, please take note that aside from giving a full description of your product you must also take note to provide instruction as to how your buyers could pay you and how it gets delivered to them including the price of shipping fee.
  • Instagram - It is really useful to gain followers and a perfect place for you to advertise your product and of course to interact with other fellow store owners and of course your buyers. Instagram or IG gives you an opportunity to flaunt your product with a brief description on it.
  • WECHAT, VIBER, KAKAOTALK, WHATSAPP - a perfect and cheaper way to communicate to your buyers and it is advisable that you are always reachable through this.
2. Gadget - you should at least have a mobile which is data capable. If not at least a tablet that has internet capability. Having such gadget will help you sell whenever wherever.

3. Courier - Of course when you do online you should also have your own courier to deliver your own products. There are tons of courier out there and all you need to do is research on their reputation. Search the web for reviews, check on other re-sellers as to who they are using as their courier in this way you are sure your products are delivered on time and safely.

With my conversation with Isa over WECHAT, she generously gave some tips and tricks which I will be sharing it with you as well. (Isa can be followed in Instagram: @onlineshopaholic  or through her facebook page: Yana's Shrimp Paste Her business name Yana is the name of her lovely daughter. Go check it out and have the most delicious dip for your favorite dish)

1. Focus on a Product - Isa said it is always best that you focus on a product that you have plenty off. She means you'll need to have a product that will define you on the worldwide web. It is ok she said that you'll have plenty of products that comes along with your focus product but what is important is you have a single product that will distinguish you amongst other online businessmen/woman. She herself is labeled as the Bagoong Queen of Instagram. She is well known and well loved by the bagoong she makes and sells in IG. (Writing this makes me think of green manggo with her delicious bagoong makes my mouth watery.) One good thing is she dominates the IG World.

2. Customer Service - She said no matter what you sell always make it a point to have an above and beyond customer service and experience. (Remember that no matter how good and how flambouyant your product is, it will never sell if you have a bad reputation on customer service. Customer should always be the heart of everything. Give them what they deserve because they are spending on what you sell. Success will always come next when you a wonderful customer service and your customer will be your best advertiser.)

3. TRUST - She also adds that apart of her success is being trusted by her customer. "Dont be a bogus buyer/seller so people will trust you", she added.  (Trust is something you would earn and so to start building trust by not being a bogus seller or buyer. Remember that you are selling virtually. People dont see nor touch you so you should gain that confidence from online buyers so people will always comeback and buy your stuffs.)

4. Price - Isa said price plays a crucial role as well. The goods you sell should be competitive enough from other online businessmen/women. "Maganda ng maliit ang tubo basta madaming benta", she added (Its is better to gain a little as long as you sell more)

5. Never Give Up - this was her final word when I ask her. Just keep pushing and when you are already known then you should help others. If others are well known and well establish then it only means you can do it too. They started from scratch and so are you so just keep pushing and never give up. Joining SFS (Shout for Shout) is also a good way to advertise. SFS would mean you will advertise other IG users and they will shout out yours. It works both ways, you sell their product and they'll sell yours. SIMPLE!

I hope I have shared something that may help you start up your online business.

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