Friday, January 10, 2014

10 Things I am Thankful for 2013

Many of us may be listing down their New Years Resolution, for me, I will definitely not list My New Years Resolution but rather it is my personal tradition to list down reason why I am thankful about the past year. I feel good to take time and reflect back to what the year has brought me or what I have done for the past year. I know I can never undo the past year but I also know that it will always be part of my history worth looking back to learn from and to be feel good at.

Here's what I am thankful for:

First of I am very thankful because I have survived another year. I am thankful to the Lord Almighty for giving me life and extending it for another year. It is difficult to be very limited on things you could do because you are growing up and getting old with congenital heart problem. However, despite that, God has given me another year to at least be of help to my siblings and to my friends or to even strangers. Another year of working and another year of good laugh with good friends.

I am grateful as well to have another year of working life. Despite the roller coaster ride of 2013 when it comes to my professional career I am still thankful because I have this opportunity I was able to surpass all and still survive for another year. It has given me opportunity to help bring my sister to a good school and take the course she likes and not to be forced to take up something she doesn't want just because we don't have the capacity to give it to her.

The successful launch of Project Mountain Alphabet. It is one of biggest achievement for 2013 because I was able to help Colalo Elementary School collect good books for their library. The Project Mountain Alphabet is merely a personal project of me and my fellow volunteers/friends to reach out to those who doesnt have a library. We collect books, cash and school materials from donors and bring it to the school who needs the most. The said project is a lifetime commitment so if you wish to help please contact me at my email address at so we could arrange on how we could pick up your donations.

2013 has also brought me a roller coaster life be it personal and professional life. I am thankful to everyone who has helped me go through it. They have inspired me to cling on to life and showed me that problems are simply a cream of the crops to be a better person. I hope that the learning's from 2013 will definitely transpire to the new challenges of 2014.

I have sailed on 2013 successfully because of those people who surrounds me. They have boost my ego, my personality and supports and pushes me to be a better person. This definitely is a living example for me that no matter what happen there'd be always God sends who will be supporting you and for you to be able to the task God has given you. Thank you everyone as things may be worse without all of you.

I am thankful for all the weekends of 2013 as it is an instrument God has given me to rejuvenate and to get ready for another week not before long I just realized that another has year has passed. Without each weekend, I may have crushed down and will not be able to make it through sanely (lol). The weekend is a weekly gift for me from our creator for me to go rest, watch movie, chat with friends, explore new food and places.

Adjective is also a big part of my 2013. It was used both negatively and positively. I was describe extravagantly way below the belt and extravagantly heart warming alike. Both of this description has given me another color in my rainbow to change my own perspective and notion about people I encounter in a day to day basis and somehow still learning strategies to deal with these people.

My dear readers who keeps coming back to read what I wrote in my blog. I am greatly thankful to all of you. I keep inspired because of you all because of you my writing capability grows from about to be forgotten and dies to slowly growing better. These all happens because of you all who reads what I wrote. May I continue to improve until I gain back what I thought is my expertise.

Another one that I am thankful for is the idea to open my own online store and that hopefully by the years to come I will come up with my own physical store with my own brand. I am thankful as well for the people who believes in me and lend me their resources so I could start it up right. I am equally thankful for all my friends who choose to support me despite consequence they may have. To my colleagues who fully supports my endeavor and cheers me up in the tidal waves of starting up a business. For all the buyers I am thankful to each and everyone of you. You have inspired me to do better in sales and marketing.

Above all, I am very thankful with God by making all these things possible and by giving me people that helps me become who I am each year.

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