Sunday, September 15, 2013


Here are the nominees for Pepsters' Choice awards...

I voted for Jed Salang on this category. No one would ever forget Ai-Ai De Las Alas drama in one of the TV Talk Show of ABS CBN revealing her failed marriage to Jed.
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I voted for Ai-Ai and Charice3 because their's is a real drama unlike the Barretto family sometimes I felt like its all scripted because after every drama a new Barretto comes out either to dispute or a totally new breed entering showbiz. I did not vote for Marian just because she cant be a newsmaker oh sorry she did when she locked in Bella Padilla and bullied her.

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I voted for Dennis Trillo. I believe he deserves the award more than anyone else after his stunning performance in My Husbands Lover.
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I love Judy Ann Santos but this time around I am voting for Carla Abellana with her stellar and outstanding performance as Lally in My Husbands Lover I think she deserves this Award.

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I would say my vote goes to Richard Poon. His singing is so captivating

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Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez is so deserving on this award because of their magnificient performance in My Husbands Lover. Top trending topic since Day 1 the show got aired. Their chemistry in the show as well is so perfect. My Vote goes to Dennis and Tom

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I dont know why that Aquino baby is there. I am not voting for this award. I dont know the meaning of the said award so i am not voting.
I voted for Judy Ann Santos.
I voted for Zaijian at least he has a show. Why is Bimby there? He doesnt have a show at all. He only have TV guesting with her mom.
I am voting for Ryza Mae Dizon. Very witty little girl.
This award for me will go to Daniel Padilla.
I am voting for either Kathryn Bernardo or Bea Binene. Definitely not the Barretto and San Jose next year maybe.
Tom Rodriguez nailed every episode in My Husbands Lover making him a real Breakout Star.

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This is where VIC Sotto should be. He is already old and this is where he should be and not a Male TV Star

Of course no would beat the success of My Husbands Lover as the only show who make it to top trend in twitter from day one until the present. I am casting my vote for the show because it tacles social issue in good taste educational and fair.

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Ok so there they are.

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