Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Taste Asia MOA - A Review

Taste Asia is located at the Ground Level of the North Parking Building of the SM Mall of Asia just beside the SM Hypermarket. The name Taste Asia is really catchy. That's one of the reason why we have chosen to have my cousins birthday celebration.

Taste Asia also caters conferences and meeting or any other gatherings or barkada dinner as their restaurant is really spacious which I like best in a restaurant. I feel comfortable because I am confident enough that their customers as well as their employees could move freely. Plus spacious restaurant is really inviting and appetizing to me.

The service is also good for as long as you are talking to the person who took your order. I had this experience with one of the waitresses who is not friendly at all. I have to commend the waitress who took our order because she is friendly and very attentive to our needs and requests. (TIP: always talk to the person who took your order)

Since Taste Asia is known for their DAMPA style as well, the food may take a good 15 minutes before it gets served. We ordered a set meal good for 4 person and which turns out to be just enough for the 4 of us. Since it is my cousin's birthday we ordered additional buttered chicken.

Here's what I wanted to say about the food that was served:
  1. The food presentation is good. The food looks expensive to me as well. The plating for the shrimp though needs really improvement though so it would be appetizing.
  2. The chicken is half cooked. I have to ask them to re-cook it for us. It is unacceptable for a chief/cook to serve a half cooked chicken. Good thing the waitress is very apologetic. I hope next time they don't serve half cook dish.
  3. The fish as well is too salty. Another big no no. I would rather have a fish served to me without salt and provide me with a dip rather than having a food too salty.
Here's the food we ordered:

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