Friday, March 22, 2013


It is indeed a Crazy moment at KRAZY GARLIK! For me dinning out with a friend, a family member or with someone really special is worth a memory. It is always be best if it is complemented with a good food and a good place.

We had these fabulous experience at KRAZY GARLIK at Resorts World Manila.

Explore and experience the value of dining out once in a while and do it in one of the finest.

Share your thoughts and experience too...

Food Count:

Crispy Pata - Calorie - 1218    Carbs - 21    FAT - 72    Protien - 113     Sodium - 0     Sugar - 0
Coke In Can - Calorie - 140    Carbs - 39    FAT - 0      Protien - 0         Sodium - 45    Sugar - 39

Food Calculator referrence

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