Sunday, February 24, 2013

Exploring Makati: The Salcedo Village Experience

Makati is one of favorite spot in Metro Manila, most especially along Ayala Avenue. I must say that the place is clean and beautiful. So lets explore Makati and find out what's best they could offer aside from big buildings.

Salcedo Village is by far the best place for me to eat street food and to eat at the park. The food stall are totally awesome. I am sure that everyone would love to see what Salcedo Village Weekend Market could bring! It is a place where it could satisfy my gastronomic taste. They offer wide variety of food selection from local dishes to international foods.

Popular snacks from the south is available at Salcedo Village too like my favorite Piayaya and Chocolate Tablea...

Anywhere you go in the Philippines you would always find barbeque and inihaw na bangus (grilled milk fish) which happens ot be favorite too... I love eating!

The champion amongst the Filipino snacks are of course puto and it would come in different version and style.

Castanias too can be found at Salcedo Village. It would be fresh from their cooking pan when you buy it. So am sure you'll gonna love it as well.

And who wouldn't like ube and  . I always find this 2 whenever I spent Christmas and New Years Eve at my friends house. Well who wouldn't like it... their sweet and their delicious too.

Well you cant just find Filipino dishes everywhere.... you can also find baked macaroni... and some Spanish Food....

Want to know more about Salcedo Village? Here are the links you may want to visit: Click here for Salcedo Village Weekend Market and Salcedo Village Market

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