Friday, October 4, 2013

My Thoughts: "The Blame Games they have to Play?"

The pork barrel scam is in the big screen of every Filipino at this point in time. I hate to hear the fabulously crafted speeches of these senators and congressmen. It seems like, the moment they open their mouth, another lie is set to be uncovered and covered. I see the whole thing as: Guess that Name, Name Games, and of course there's always this BLAME GAMES.

I just dont get where these senators and congressmen their faces to brood on their chairs and a golden egg would hatch to a billion peso money in a span of their service. I was taught by my teachers way back then that being a politician is public service. I didn't agree nor disagree with them. It might be that it is in deed public service. However, to hear them talk today simply means otherwise.

I just wished that the Philippine Governent would focus more on farm to market road, health care like providing a free check up at Heart Center, Lung Center, government hospital, kidney center, education up to the tertiary level, and of course highways and roads. Instead of spending millions of pesos in flagpole, basketball court, and other soft projects.

Are these congressmen, senators, vice president, president, governors, and mayors project implementors? Are they suppose to be implementing projects? Are they not suppose to be creating laws for the common good of the Filipino public?

It is just so upsetting because I felt I am being robbed in my face. I worked hard and have sleepless nights just for me to have a milk and cheese in my table, a medicine for my weakening heart and of course to help with my siblings. Unfortunately, because of these tax I am forced to pay, I have to sacrifice some of these priorities. Then by the of the day you would hear a senator finger pointing and blaming games.

Every payday, its really difficult to see those deduction..... MOST SPECIALLY the INCOME TAX DEDUCTION. And when I go to the government hospitals, there are no room, no airconditioner, sometimes no doctors... We have abortion roads everywhere and if they do road repair it happens in a rainy season (WOW). The senators and congressmen should be a watchdog to their implementing agencies like Department of Agriculture, Education Public Works and Highways, etc.

I don't know... all i could do is rant for now.... because even during election these magical politicians do wonders and win! I remember during the election about a very popular joke which says: "Tuwid na daan o limang daan... Siyempre limang daan sa kumakalam na sikmura!" (Straight path or 500 pesos...Of course 500 pesos for an empty stomach!)

Look at what's happening now.... This is the wonder of that 500 pesos, a lousy and corrupt politicians brooding their golden egg hatching in a multi-million project scam. However these politicians may call it, they are still using the taxes grabbed from every Filipino. The government has savings but they disburse it and term it with whatever name they call it and fluff their you go its a multi million project. Bad news is, when the citizen goes to a public hospital, they dont get the service they need to get.

Hopefully this blame game ends and start focusing on healthcare and farm to market road improvement from Northern Luzon to Southern Mindanao. But please stop pocketing 70% of the budget.

(Please note that this is simply my personal thought and the way I see it. What about you? whats your thought about it?)

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