Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kalye Juan MOA Restaurant Review

After a week's work, it is sometimes best to unwind or destress and reward yourself with good and yet affordable food. So last weekend, I decided to reward my self for such a wonderful and fruitful First Quarter of 2013. These time around I wanted to try Kalye Juan Restaurant located at the ground floor, right wing (Hypermarket Area) of the Mall of Asia.

Kalye Juan Menu
For our Main Course:

Paksiw na Lechon Kawali  for only Php 195.00
Lechon Adobong Kangkong - Php 185.00
Hito with Buro - Php 195.00
  • Rice - Php 30.00 each x 3 = Php 90
For our Desserts

Leche Flan is at Php 60.00 per serving. We had 2 and paid Php 120.00
Tibok Tibok or otherwise known as Maja Blanca - Php 60.00
For our Drinks
Guinilo sa Kalye
  • Mango Juice - Php 45.00
  • Pineapple Juice - Php 45.00
  • Guinilo sa Kalye - Php 60.00 - There was an after taste of the drink but I think it is because it wasnt served right after it was made. I had to hold off for it because the movie is about to start and the main course wasnt served yet.
Total for 3 person = Php 995.00

No complimentary appetizer is served! 

Lets talk about thier service. Kalye Juan service crew member the time we visited them never failed to accomodate our request. I haven't heard customer complaining and everyone is just happy waiting for their order. The food takes a little bit longer to be served mayber because they still have to cook and prepare. The cashier is just so helpful when we told him we cant wait for our order and that will just get back after the we finished watching the movie as it is about to begin in 10 minutes.

The Food is awesome. They never failed to serve a good food plus they didn't had penny pinching on their ingredients.

So, if you are looking for a "lutong bahay" or similar to a conventional home cooked Pinoy meals that is truly and authentic Filipino dishes then Kalye Juan is the best place to go plus it is also affordable and budget friendly. I also love the paintings on their walls.

Kalye Juan on the outside:

Kalye Juan entrance.

A view of Kalye Juan Restaurant:

Kalye Juan
The Counter at Kalye Juan

The place we choose to dine...

The paintings on the wall at Kalye Juan...

Enjoy dining at Kalye Juan!

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